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The Federal hiring system is a complex process that could take years to learn.


Your federal resume must speak to the gatekeepers—the Six Audiences™ who read and score your federal resume.


It could take months, or even years, to land a federal job interview.


Being minimally qualified isn’t enough—you must convey your value and fast. Then, you must rank Best Qualified so you can land the interview!

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You can GET HIRED or promoted in a federal position, earn more money, enjoy a better life, and make a bigger impact in your corner of the world!

The Get HIRED Resume Formula helps qualified candidates get hired or promoted in more than 350+ Federal Government agencies…

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Michael Kim

I wanted to let you know that things have worked out well. I don’t know if I updated you, but I ended up leveraging the job offer for a better promotion in my same agency, which led me to my recent GS-15. Much appreciated.

Florence Garber

It’s so simple if only you listen and follow the steps. I did it! I feel very confident in the resume I sent with my application. I am going to get an interview because of the work I’ve put in using the tools and taking the right steps.

Frank, IT specialist

I was always struggling to land interviews. After applying your strategies, I’m getting more opportunities to interview!


I’m a recent graduate and this course has given me the expertise to nudge out the competition. Now that’s priceless!

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