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Your Federal Résumé: How to Get Hired in Federal Government

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The biggest challenge every talented and qualified federal job seeker faces is getting through ALL of the gatekeepers to land the interview.

Join us for this complimentary 90-minute session where you will uncover the secret that has helped thousands of federal job seekers land interviews and lucrative job offers for more than 25 years!

 In this livestream, you will discover:

The #1 strategy your federal resume needs so you can finally get past the gatekeepers.

All 3 of the biggest mistakes that keep you from landing interviews and jobs.

The top 3 secrets as to why our clients get hired faster over their competition—even if they don’t know someone on the inside.

How to navigate the federal hiring process.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive Double Your Interview Opportunities just for registering for the livestream, even if you are unable to attend! (Life gets busy, but the time invested will be worth it for your single-most important career document!)

Camille Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

CC Career Solutions

Cris Andersen

Director of Education

CC Career Solutions

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Your Federal Résumé: How to Get Hired in Federal Government


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