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If you want to SAVE TIME and SIMPLIFY your federal job search, I want to give you access to the 7 most popular resources/checklists that we use to help our clients land federal jobs…faster!

Everything from:

 The Federal Job-Landing Success Path

 How to Define Your Ideal Federal Employer

 Information to Gather Checklist

 Compelling Answers to “What do YOU Do?”

 Step-by-Step Pre-Resume Tasks with Guidance and Scripts

 Video Series Showing You the Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

 And Premium Support in a Live Implementaton Call

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Define Your Ideal Potential Employers

We have spent hundreds of thousands of hours testing federal resume elements and have helped thousands of people get hired in Federal Government.

This step-by-step framework walks you thorough exactly what to do to define your ideal potential employer. When you narrow your focus to a few ideal potential employers, you’ll stop wasting time applying aimlessly to positions that just aren’t right for you. You’ll experience confidence and clarity when applying to federal jobs.

Following this one framework alone can add hundreds of hours back to your life so you can enjoy important things like family, friends, and recreation instead of constantly spending your time spinning your wheels applying to the wrong jobs…and getting nowhere.

But that’s just ONE of the checklists in this bundle.

You’re also getting our Informational Gathering Checklist covering the most important elements of a highly successful federal resume. Federal resumes are a key part of our business (they’ve made us more money than ANYTHING else) and this is the framework we use every single time.

Plus, this checklist will help you discover your best assets that set you apart so employers will invite you to interview!

…And that’s just a few of the checklists, frameworks, formulas, and models in this amazing collection. Check out EVERYTHING you get access to:

#1 – Federal Job-Landing Success Path

Finally! A roadmap to your ideal federal job with goals, rocks, and tasks broken down for you.

Valued at $97

#2 – Define Your Ideal Federal Employer

Don’t apply aimlessly. Determine if an agency is a good fit for you so you don’t waste your precious time and effort!

Valued at $97

#3 – Information to Gather Checklist

A checklist to help you organize your expertise and assets so you can craft your most successful federal résumé.

Valued at $97

#4 – Pre-Resume Tasks Training Module

Scripts and guidance you must have before crafting your federal resume…create a long-term strategy and professional appearance for your career.

This is a cornerstone training from the very successful Magnetize Your Federal Résumé™ program and is essential to your success!

Valued at $297

#5 – Captivating "What Do YOU Do?" Tool™

Transform a desperate “Hire me, please!” into an irresistible call to action for  potential employers.

These templates are a gold mine for so many situations…from the elevator…to the interview!

Valued at $397

#6 – Video Series: 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid to Land a Federal Job Faster

Discover and avoid the biggest mistakes being made by job seekers who fail to get hired in Federal Government.

Ensure you’re not making these common mistakes and get hired faster!

Valued at $997

#7 – Premium Support: Live Call

Live, in-person mentoring where you can ask your most pressing questions and ensure you’re implementing the proven strategies to your highest advantage.

Valued at $497

This unique checklist collection includes the most comprehensive guides and checklist we’ve ever created to help thousands of clients get hired in 400+ federal agencies…everything you need to succeed in 2024 and beyond!

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