Federal Job Seekers

Are you struggling to land a job or promotion in Federal Government?

Is your federal resume FAILING you?




So you can stand out and increase your opportunity to interview!

Do you need help conveying your value so you can land the interview?

Are you tired of never being selected for the interview?

Confused about which formats are best for your government resume?

The sad fact is…

Most of what’s being taught about how to do this is not just wrong, but it is actually harmful to your long-term success.


And with fierce competition for federal jobs today…

The pressure to get it right is immense!



Not getting it right will mean…


Not getting it right will mean…

Staying stuck right where you are.

There’s just nothing like feeling stuck between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE…especially in your career. It’s that “two steps forward, three steps back” feeling. Ugh!

Missing out on a much larger salary, bigger retirement, or better benefits.

Consider the thousands of dollars a new job could bring into your family’s life. What are these missed opportunities to interview really costing you? Feel like you’re in a TAILSPIN or DOWNWARD SPIRAL when it comes to your career?

Lacking the prestige, respect, and self-esteem that you have earned and deserve.

Being valued for your skills and expertise is important. You want to be respected. Perhaps your present situation doesn’t recognize everything you have to offer? You’re left feeling DISAPPOINTED, SABOTAGED, or CAGED IN.

You miss your chance to lead and influence our country.

This country desperately needs you. That’s why landing the interview is sooo important. If you can’t land the interview, you’ll be HARD-PRESSED to land the job. Continuing to MISS your opportunities to contribute to our great nation in a federal job really isn’t helping anyone. It’s leaving you feeling like you’ve HELPLESSLY CRASHED and BURNED.

Your ideas and vision to help a federal organization are never realized.

What differences could your ideas make? How FRUSTRATING is it to keep them all bottled up because you don’t have NO FREEDOM to share them in that federal position that should be yours? You feel like you’re LACKING VALIDATION or like you’ve been BANISHED. You feel like you’re in CHRONIC REJECTION.

You miss out on collaborative opportunities, significant bonuses, awards, or special career moments.

Are you missing out on your seat at the table? Missed opportunities TAMPER with your career success. They steal your essence and leave you DOWN, STRESSED, and DEPRESSED.

It could mean your competition gets chosen…and you get left behind!

That pit-in-your-stomach feeling of being left out, PASSED OVER, EXCLUDED, and UNCHOSEN is crazy unbearable…especially when you know you’re well qualified for that ideal position. You feel LOCKED IN and as if your career will NEVER IMPROVE.

That missed federal job could be DEVASTATING to you and your family!

But, what if there was a solution?

What if?

You could transform your struggle with your federal or government resume into interviews and success?

What if?

You could permanently remove all the worry, self-doubt, confusion, and limiting beliefs that hold you back from landing interviews?

What if?

Your federal or government resume could consistently land interviews for federal jobs?

Meet Darrell

He struggled with his federal resume.

He was frustrated because he couldn’t land an interview.

He was down and depressed.

He almost gave up!

And then one day a colleague referred him to us.

And EVERYTHING changed!

Life is DIFFERENT… when CHANGE happens.

When you land your federal job, your whole world can change!

Freedom and Possibility

Imagine the excitement!

Bigger Salary

You and your bank account will feel fulfilled!

Pocket money after landing a federal job

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Low-cost coverage with low deductibles!

Job Stability / Job Security

Most federal jobs aren’t going anywhere and will be around for a LONG time.

Retirement / Pension

You’ll have a huge sense of security and a bigger retirement!

Military service men and women can count years of military service toward federal career years of service which allows you to retire with full retirement benefits even earlier!

Leave Benefits

The leave benefits of a federal job are unprecedented—from paid vacation, sick leave, comp time, jury duty, and leave donations to unpaid leave for childbirth, adoption, foster care, and family care.

Federal retirement benefits

Long-Term Care Insurance

At a reasonable cost to federal employees.

Life Insurance

So you can feel calm and at ease as you ensure your loved ones won’t be left with the burden of your funeral and other expenses after you’re gone.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Reduce your taxable income and set aside money for daycare or healthcare with pre-tax dollars!

Teleworking / Flexible Work Schedules

Many federal jobs offer these benefits in some form.

Respect and Prestige

Gain the self-esteem that you deserve!

Opportunities for Advancement

A large number of promotional opportunities will be available to you once your foot is in the door.

Experience Career Progression Promotion New Job

Stability and Job Satisfaction

With less stress and a better outlook.

More Time

Precious time, so you can be a better person, better parent, or a better partner.

Time for Federal Career Success

What is the solution?


Magnetize Your Federal Résumé™

Create successful federal resumes with ease that score higher in the federal rating systems so you can never be without federal interviews again!

Magnetize Your Federal & Government Resumes with this Done-With-You Digital Course


The Get HIRED Résumé Formula™

created by

A Magnetic Federal Resume Will Help You

Validate Your Expertise

Demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Prove Your Qualifications and Accomplishments

Show how you are the candidate that must be interviewed.

Score Higher

Your federal resume will give the Six Audiences™ what they need so they can give your government resume the highest score.

Land Interviews

A magnetic federal resume does all the work of landing interviews…interviews that lead to lucrative job offers.

Impress the Hiring Team

Immediately show your authentic value so you can be invited to the second/selection interviews.

Look at Darrell After He Found Us

He landed a fabulous teleworking job!

He makes a bigger salary and will retire with a bigger pension.

He is appreciated.

His misery transformed into happiness.

His frustration shifted into success.

Now he has time to spend time with his beautiful family.

Member Successes

Michael Kim

Working with Camille and her team was such a great experience. They helped me identify the right jobs for me. I got the job I was aiming for, it’s the career path that was meant for me. Camille and her team provide tools needed to help clients get into positions that meet clients where they are.

Three promotions and 4 years later, I’m being sent to the Federal Executive Institute, and I can trace it back to when she took me on as a client. I can’t recommend her services enough.

I was always struggling to land interviews. After applying your strategies, I’m getting more opportunities to interview!

Get the Proven Strategies

Get full access to proven strategies from more than 25+ years of helping clients successfully land federal jobs. Now available to you in streamlined modules.

We lead you in creating your successful federal resumes with innovative writing techniques including our proven STCARI Method™ of writing to maximize the power and impact of your message.

The Magnetize Your Federal Résumé program will help you create irresistible government resumes that WOW the Six Audiences™ and leave them wanting more! Lifetime access with all of our best strategies from A to Z.

You CAN land interviews and get hired or promoted in a federal position, earn more money, enjoy a better life, and make a bigger impact in your corner of the world!

What Members Say

I’m a recent graduate and this course has given me the expertise to nudge out the competition. Now that’s priceless!
Florence Garber
It’s so simple if only you listen and follow the steps. I did it! I feel very confident in the resume I sent with my application. I am going to get an interview because of the work I’ve put in using the tools and taking the right steps.

Plus Incredible Bonuses to Help You…FASTER!

Bonus Templates

A collection of our very best customizable templates infused with proven strategies to ensure you can replicate solid strategies throughout your career as well as effective USAJOBS tips and strategies.

Valued at $497

Bonus Module

Proven strategies for adding immediate credibility in your federal resume so you can influence the Six Audiences to select you to interview.

Valued at $297

Qual-Fit Tool™

Save hundreds of hours of time and money by applying to right right jobs for you!

Valued at $1,497

Six Live Implementation Calls

Live, in-person mentoring where you can ask your most pressing questions and ensure you’re implementing the proven strategies to your highest advantage.

Valued at $2,000

Facebook Community

A gold mine of support! All the support you could possibly need is here. Ready and waiting for you. Ask any question day or night!

Valued at $1,997

Plus Tools!

Tools to support your successful implementation of our proven strategies. Exclusive access to strategies and techniques you won’t find anywhere else!

Consider the Cost of Going It Alone…

Years of Rejection

For you to do this yourself could require you at least three or more years of trial, error, and rejection. One said they’d been trying for 15 years without success. Sad!

So Many Mistakes!

Many have blown $10,000 or more in mistakes before discovering our proven strategies.

Years of Missed Salary

Don’t miss out on thousands of dollars in missed salaries before discovering the program and bonus strategies so you can achieve successful results. Missed salary is affecting your current lifestyle, benefits, and your future retirement.

Staying Stuck in the wrong job
I don't know how to convey my value in my government resume.
My resume lacks substance and won't take me to the interview.
100 percent of people who dont land interviews dont get hired

If Your Career Isn’t Worth the Investment of a Little Time and Money, What Is?

Certainty and Outcome

There’s quite honestly nothing like this out there that offers this same degree of certainty and outcome and gets employers excited about interviewing YOU!

There’s nothing like this out there…

Could your magnetic federal resume bring an ROI of half a million dollars?


Your Return on Investment Could Be At Least 3x Your Salary

What’s one successful interview that lands a lucrative job offer really worth to you?

$80,000? $150,000/year + Benefits? More?

Research shows you’ll stay in that job for at least three years so multiply your potential annual salary by three.

$150,000/year x 3 years = $450,000
$150,000/year x 7 years = $1,050,000

Plus Bonus Content

Products and Bonuses You’ll Receive

Magnetize Your Federal Résumé


Bonus Federal Résumé Templates


Bonus Instant Credibility Module


Bonus Qual-Fit Tool™


Bonus Live Implementation Calls


Bonus Facebook Group/Community


Products and Bonuses Valued at More than


Your Investment Today

$2,997 $1,997 for a limited time

How Magnetize Your Federal Résumé™ Will Benefit You

Land Interviews

A magnetic federal resume does all the work of landing interviews…interviews that lead to lucrative job offers.

Impress the Hiring Team

Immediately show your authentic value so you can be invited to the second/selection interviews.

Lucrative Job Offers

You’ll have a bigger salary and better benefits.

Competitive Retirement

You can really maximize your retirement with a great promotion and a pay raise!

Promotion Opportunities

Job stability and job satisfaction is ahead for you!

Job Security

You can enjoy the job security of a federal job, one of the most secure jobs in the world with the largest employer in the nation!

Health Insurance Benefits

A low-deductible insurance policy could cost you more than $1,500 per month. Federal employees have some of the best health insurance in the United States for a FRACTION of that per month!

So YOU can HAVE…

Freedom and Possibility

Imagine the excitement!

Less Stress

Less stress means you can enjoy life and be the person you’re meant to be.

Positive of a federal job

Positive Outlook and Mentality

Positivity that you and your family deserve!

More Time!

Time to laugh and play. Time to date or travel. How will you enjoy your free time?

Family Time

So you can spend more time with your loved ones big, small, or even the furry ones!

Hobby Time

So you can enjoy some R&R or your favorite hobbies.

Career Success

You can have it!

At the End of the Program

You’ll have created your magnetic federal resume and learned the skills you need to take your career to the next level!

Federal Job Interviews

Risk-Free Guarantee

If what we advise you to create doesn’t transform your resume and your federal job search approach, we will refund your money 100% for up to 30 days.

We guarantee you’ll have all the tools you need to easily create a stellar government resume that speaks to the Six Audiences™…and our clients say “they rave over our federal resumes.”

Put our proven strategies and techniques to work for you. If you’re not satisfied, all you have to do is email your completed federal resume work to us and ask for your money back. Totally risk free. Simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What makes your federal resumes different from others?

In a word…strategy.

We create the entire federal resume in a Microsoft Word document first. This helps you to visually see and edit your federal resume without getting lost in the online resume builder.

Our effective federal resume templates guide you through everything the Six Audiences™ need to qualify you for the position. You’ll have an “interview version” or “presentation version” of your federal resume. And when your federal resume is complete, you’ll copy and paste your federal resume content into the online resume builder.

The process is easier and much more effective overall!

Q: Am I really going to get a complete federal resume?

Yes, we walk you step by step to build your federal resume. We provide you with the materials, tools, and coaching to support you in building your magnetic federal resume. Your success is dependent upon your action.

Q: What if I get stuck or have questions? Do I have access to you?

We, or one of our coaches, are in the Facebook group almost every day. So answers are never far away!

We lead you through crafting your federal resume with proven strategies in every module. And yes, you’ll have access to us during the live coaching calls. If you can’t be present for the call, you can submit the question before the call and we’ll answer it…so it’ll be on the recording for you when you’re available to listen to the replay.

Q: Do I have to have Facebook?

No, joining our Facebook group is optional. You do not have to have or use Facebook to be successful in the course and get your federal resume built. However, that is where you can ask questions 24/7, get support from our team, and access our amazing community of like-minded professionals.

Q: What is the schedule for the live implementation calls?

Although this is a self-paced program, we will also have live calls to ask Camille and Cris or their coaches your questions about the course.

Calls are typically held the first Wednesday of the month. The calls are recorded and made available to you in your member portal. So, if you can’t make a call for any reason, you can listen later and still receive all the benefits of group learning!

Q: Do I have to attend ALL of the live implementation calls?

No, the implementation calls are where we support you live so you can ask any questions about your federal resume and strategies. You can pick the sessions that are convenient for you. Come to as many or as few live implementation calls as you want.

All of the training materials are in the members area. The implementation calls will be recorded and posted in the members area for easy playback. 

Q: You’re not going to write it for me? But, I’m not a professional resume writer.

That’s okay. We’ve made this so easy for you if you allow us to lead and coach you through the process. We’re going to work with you to write your successful federal resume so you can easily duplicate what you learn when you need your resume for a promotion or application. We’re going to give you our customizable strategies so the Six Audiences™ who evaluate and score your federal resume get exactly what they need to move you through the hiring process. And our customizable federal resume templates actually help you with formatting, style, punctuation, and grammar along the way.

If you have questions about any particular accomplishment, work history, or any other section of your federal resume, you’ll be able to get those questions answered in the private Facebook group or during the live coaching calls. And we pride ourselves in our very supportive Facebook community. Our community is great to jump in and answer questions and offer support to you as well. And, the networking that occurs in this group is amazing.

Q: How long will it take me to go through the program?

Since the course is self-paced, that really all depends on you! You’ll get access to the training modules as soon as you invest.

Some members dive right in and complete the course in under a weekend. One gentleman buckled down completed the entire program in about 3 days and created a fabulous, interview-landing resume! So, you could have your federal resume done in under a weekend if you choose.

Some members commit just an hour a day and complete their magnetic federal resume in under 2 weeks.

Other members choose to complete a couple of modules a week and are applying to federal jobs in less than a month.

You’ll have lifetime access to the program so you can complete the course and come back and review it any time. So when you’re ready to apply for your next promotion, you’ll be able to refresh yourself on the course as well as be able to quickly update and retarget your magnetic federal resume!

Q: This is a great offer! Does this program have a payment plan?

Yes! We know not everyone can pay in full all at once BUT really want to get their magnetic federal resume done so they can apply to jobs and start landing interviews. So, we offer two payment plans.

Or, you can use PayPal and spread the payments over six months at 0% interest with PayPal Credit if you qualify.

Unsure if you can afford it?

Consider this: How much money and time have you already put in? Where has that gotten you?

Can you really afford not to invest in yourself….and what you do for 40 hours a week?

How much longer can you stand your current situation?

Put money aside for a second. If money wasn’t an issue, are you a “Yes?” Some of our clients have been interviewed and hired before the investment hit their credit card statements. Now by law, I can’t make any claims or guarantees here…but I want you to know that it isn’t out of the question.

Depending on your skill set, qualifications, and most importantly, your determination to make this program work for you, you could quickly recoup your investment within the first paycheck of your new job!

Q: You’ve been doing this more than 25 years. Can I really learn it that quickly? Will this work for me?
Yes, it will work for you! The strategies are proven and not theory. We’ve tested this program and our members with very diverse backgrounds continue to create interview-landing resumes. Those interviews then turn into lucrative job offers, case studies, testimonials, and successes!
Q: Can I buy this program now and start later?

Yes, you may absolutely purchase the Magnetize Your Federal Resume program now and start later. You have access to the online members area at your convenience.

We encourage folks to start right away and take advantage of the live implementation calls and Facebook group. But if you’re unable to, that’s not a problem. The implementation calls are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience. 

Q: I have more questions I want to ask...

If you have a question about this program that hasn’t yet been answered, we have a live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen. Just type in your question and we’ll answer via chat or we’ll send you a response via email. You can also send our support team an email at Support@ccCareerSolutions.com.

Let’s Just Be Real…

Don't Wait

We can only serve a very limited amount of clients, so we simply must cap the number of members allowed to join at a time.

Don't Wait

The longer you wait to own this product, more and more of your competition will have our proven strategies and will beat you out of your success. Don’t let them do that!

Don't Wait

You, your career, and your family’s financial trajectory can’t afford to miss the opportunities and transformation this program offers.

Get the proven strategies and start landing interviews!

Start landing interviews that lead to lucrative job offers! Create your magnetic federal resume today!

Words have power.

Your Federal Résumé

must articulate your value.

Words have power!

Your most effective federal resume isn’t about you.

The words in your federal resume, when articulated in the right way, can change someone’s mind, alter one’s beliefs, raise you to success, or destroy your career opportunities.

Your federal resume must articulate your value to potential employers.

Your federal resume must speak for you so you can land the interview.

Give life to the words in your government resume with the proven strategies in Magnetize Your Federal Résumé™ so you can land your well-deserved interviews and job offers.

Transform your federal resume.

Transform your life.

Knock-Out Federal Résumés that Get Results

A guided, step-by-step approach to transform your government resume!

Easily Replicated Systems

Systems just make life easier. This proven system can be used again and again.

You NEED These Templates!

Without them, you’ll never be able to replicate solid career marketing strategies for any job announcement.

Top Performers!

You’re going to get our top performing ones to help you look and sound more professional.

Impressions count! Build confidence in yourself and your skills. Learn the best strategies in this valuable course.

Behind-the-Scenes Access

Resources to make your federal job search and federal resumes so much easier!

Successful Résumé Secrets

Instantly apply proven strategies and quickly see the results.

Get the must-have proven strategies now!

What You Get

Magnetize Your Federal Résumé

Proven strategies, tools, resources, and structure in a done-with you digital format that will help you easily create successful federal resumes that score higher in the government rating systems so you’ll never be without interviews and job offers again! 


Federal Résumé Templates

Our most successful, attention-getting federal resumes templates that the Six Audiences™ love!


Instant Credibility Module

The Six Audiences™ won’t just be taking your word! Maximize your chance of success for this job offer and many job offers to come!


Qual-Fit Tool™

Stop wasting time applying to jobs where you won’t rate “Best Qualified.” It’s like having a roadmap for your fastest route to success.


Six Live Implementation Calls

Live, in-person mentoring where you can ask your most pressing questions and ensure you’re implementing the proven strategies to your highest advantage.


Facebook Community

A gold mine of support! All the support you could possibly need is here. Ready and waiting for you. Ask any question day or night!


Total Value


Get It TODAY For Just


What Members Say

Megan Smith
Prior to the Magnetize Your Federal Résumé program, I had been applying to numerous federal positions and either not getting referred, or getting referred but not interviewed.

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, and this program arms you with the necessary knowledge to be successful in your federal job search. It has taken an overwhelmingly difficult process and broken it into easy-to-understand (and follow) steps.

Marty Tatro
Very much appreciate the “At-A-Glance” resource and transcripts! Multiple formats allows me to go back and fine tune my understanding of the material and also use it as a checklist.
Jim Kelly
Perhaps you are at a career crossroads? That’s where I found myself and turned to CC Career Solutions for guidance. I believe their guidance and professional work were instrumental in making the transition from middle to senior management. Please accept this as a strong recommendation. Invest in yourself!
Donald R. Blum, Ph.D.
Even though this is a course on federal resumes, much of the material also applies to non-federal resumes, and therefore, would be useful to ANY job seeker.

The two of you put a great deal of thought and energy into this program, and it shows! The written material and videos are excellent and will come in handy as reference tools. I purchased the MYFR Program because I believe Camille is one of very few “experts” in federal resume writing.

The course is very well written and supported with excellent resources, bonus materials, templates, a Facebook Group, and regularly scheduled group calls. You are BOTH very customer focused! Personally, I couldn’t ask for more!

Juana Mendoza

No wonder my government resume is going into the abyss! I didn’t realize there were more than two gatekeepers.

There are so many people I’ve got to get past. You have to address the gatekeepers and make it simple for each of them. Otherwise your hard work is just gone…up in smoke!

Bridget Bailey
I used to be frightened of my Page 1 on my federal resume, but now I feel confident in going down the list of qualifications.

I use the Qual-Fit Tool™ to address each item line-by-line in the job announcement. It works great for me and has already brought me success! Camille is outstanding at getting you to focus on what is important.