Your Federal Résumé: How to Get Hired in Federal Government

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Imagine your federal resume with powerful, keyword-rich marketing aligned to the job announcement—this is what the Six Audiences™/gatekeepers RAVE over at the interview!

Next week, Camille is leading another cohort through crafting a magnetic and strategic resume that captivates your audiences and showcases your qualifications and what you can do for them by aligning your skills, education, experience, and background with the job announcement.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to customize your resume for different job announcements…

If you’ve ever wanted to land amazing federal interviews…

If you’ve been eyeing that promotion, but seem to get passed over…

If you’ve been trying to land a federal job for months, or even years…

If you’ve ever wanted a federal resume that works for you…

If you keep telling yourself you’ll check this out when you have more time or more money…

This is your sign…and there’s never been a better time to join.

THIS is your chance to make it happen for YOU!

The kick-off call is next week and you could have your resume done and working for you before July 4th (at the latest).

First, you’ll watch the free 90-minute workshop where you’ll discover:

The #1 strategy your federal resume needs so you can finally get past the gatekeepers.
All 3 of the biggest mistakes that keep you from landing interviews and jobs.
The top 3 secrets as to why our clients get hired faster over their competition—even if they don’t know someone on the inside.

How to navigate the federal hiring process.

Then, when you enroll from the info shared in the training before 4:59 p.m. Pacific time, May 31, 2024, you get all the bonuses of the course + 2 SUPER extra bonuses BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT!

Secure your spot now and be ready to land interviews before July 4th!

I’d love to help you land a federal job or promotion! We can do this!


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Camille Roberts

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Director of Education

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