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For GS (or equivalent)
federal jobs, go here:

General Schedule (GS) is a pay scale used to classify and determine salaries based on job responsibilities, experience, and education. The GS scale consists of 15 pay grades, GS-1 to GS-15, with each grade representing a specific range of qualifications and responsibilities.

The higher the GS level, the higher the salary range, the higher the responsibilities. For example, GS-1 positions are typically entry-level positions requiring limited qualifications, while GS-15 positions are reserved for top-level professionals, managers, and leaders.

For Senior Executive Service (SES), go here:

The Senior Executive Service (SES) includes professionals/executives who administer public programs at the highest levels of Federal Government utilizing well-honed executive skills and broad perspectives of government and public service.

These top-level positions are primarily managerial and supervisory and serve just below top Presidential appointees forming a vital link between these appointees and the Federal workforce. Members of the SES are selected according to their leadership qualifications based on criteria established by the Office of Personnel Management which manages the overall Federal executive personnel system.

If you’re not sure if you are GS or SES level, choose GS for now. People often misunderstand the level and pay grade they qualify for so it’s important to know your right-fit job. We are known for ensuring you qualify at the highest level possible, which leads to job offers!