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There are 6,300,000+
job seekers right now.

But  only  ONE  you.

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Get HIRED FASTER in the Federal Government or Private Sector.

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Are you finding it harder than expected to land job interviews?


Have you been trying to get a new position for what feels like ages?


Was your last job interview a flop?


Do you feel stuck in your current position?

The Get HIRED Resume Formula by CC Career Solutions helps qualified candidates get hired or promoted in more than 350+ Federal Government agencies…

Department of Justice Career Solutions
Department of Energy Career Solutions
Department of Veterans Affairs Career Solutions
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration Career Solutions
Department of Defense Career Solutions
Federal Agency Career Solutions
…and in Private Sector
Google Career Solutions
LinkedIn Career Solutions
Microsoft Career Solutions
Lockheed Martin Career Solutions
Boeing Career Solutions
General Dynamics Career Solutions
Raytheon Career Solutions
SAIC Career Solutions
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General Electric Career Solutions
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CC Career Solutions has helped thousands of job seekers and transitioning military land jobs in federal agencies and private industry.

At CC Career Solutions, we help you get HIRED or promoted… FASTER!

We assist our clients with these 3 steps:

Creating a resume that gets past the Gatekeepers/Six Audiences™ and conveys your value.

Preparation to Land Interviews That Lead to Lucrative Job Offers™

Nailing their interview to land the job!

Career Solutions for Senior Executive
Better Lifestyle

A Better Lifestyle

Have more time to spend with your family and make a difference for others!

Job Satisfaction

More Job Satisfaction

Earn more money, with less stress, gain respect, and have a career that you love!

Better Future

A Better Future

Realize that stability, better benefits, and a great retirement are all possible!

We have a solution for every step of the job search.

The team at CC Career Solutions does the thinking behind the scenes for you. No matter your situation, you can rest assured, you will get exactly what you need for your career to take flight in the right direction. Trust in Camille to be your Career Pilot. Her expertise is unmatched. She has a great team in the control tower and on the ground ready to help you with where you are at right now. You cannot go wrong with this team if you are trying to land a job in the Federal Government or private industry.


Chief of Staff, Department of Interior
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Federal Resume Game Plan

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