Looking for a federal job or promotion?

Federal Résumé  SERVICES

Professional federal resume services to help you achieve your career goals…faster in Federal Government!

Looking for a federal job or promotion?

Federal Résumé  SERVICES

Professional federal resume services to help you achieve your career goals…faster in Federal Government!

Land Your Job Faster

Reach Your Career Goals

Minimize Frustration

Tired of applying to federal jobs and never hearing back?

Do you need help conveying your value and expertise so you can land interviews and a lucrative job?
Trying to decipher all of the outdated, inaccurate, and bad advice that prevents your career progress?
Do you rush to apply because you’re busy juggling your job, competing deadlines, and your family?
Don’t know where to start to make your federal resume successful?
Is it about time for a change?

Ready to get your federal or USAJOBS resume through all the gatekeepers so you can get hired or promoted in Federal Government?

Because if you don’t do it right, it could be devastating! You could…


Stay stuck in a your current rut.

Miss out on a bigger salary, a comfortable retirement, or enhanced benefits.

Lack respect, prestige, and self-esteem that you really deserve.

Miss your opportunity to serve and make an impact.

Realize you may never reach your dream.

Be deprived of recognition, bonuses, perks, and awards.

Watch your colleagues get chosen for jobs while you get left behind.

Spend months or years trying to figure it out on your own.

Consequently, it could mean failure!

Could there be a solution?
What if…

Transforming the struggle with your federal resume was possible?

You could take away all the self-doubt, limiting beliefs, worry, and confusion that holds you back?

A strategic federal resume could be the difference in helping you land the interview…and the job?

Discover how we’ve helped people like you get hired and promoted in Federal Government and set the foundation for a continual promotion trajectory in their career.

Meet Bridget…

Even though she was an experienced attorney and executive with excellent expertise, she struggled with her federal resume and she couldn’t land an interview.

She applied over and over for more than a year without success. She was down and almost gave up.

But, one of our colleagues referred her to us and EVERYTHING changed!

She landed several interviews and had job offers to choose from. She landed a great job and then decided to apply to other positions. She applied our strategies on her own and has just landed even more interviews and job offers. How exciting!

Introducing Federal Resume Expert Services

What sets US apart? We start with the end in mind…landing the job offer! We ensure you are BEST QUALIFIED right from the beginning, rather than taking a shot in the dark and leaving it up to chance.

Our Qual-Fit Tool™ ensures you are applying to the right-fit jobs and that you’ll be able to convey the value you offer at the highest possible level so you can land interviews!

But most important, you know exactly what level you qualify for so you won’t miss out the best salary commensurate with your experience, expertise, and skillset. There’s nothing like it anywhere that can provide you with so much value.

If you need expert, strategic, technical writing, and editing services that showcase what you offer, look no further.

You’re in the right place!

So YOU can HAVE…

Freedom and Possibility

Freedom and Possibility

Imagine the excitement!

Less Stress

Less Stress

Less stress means you can enjoy life and be the person you were meant to be.

Positive Outlook and Mentality

Positive Outlook and Mentality

You and your family deserve the positivity of a great job.

Relationship Time

Relationship Time

Time to date. Time to travel. Time to laugh and play. How will you enjoy your time?

Family Time

Family Time

Spend time with your little ones, big ones, or even the furry ones!

Hobby Time

Hobby Time

Enjoy some much-deserved R&R or your favorite hobbies.

Career Success

Career Success

It's yours! You can have it!

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Take Your Career to the Next Level

Discover the skills and contemporary strategies you need now to take your career to the next level.

Opportunities to Interview

Opportunities to Interview

Land job offers as a result of interviews!

Serving in Federal Government is Exciting and Rewarding!

You have job stability, great benefits, and a lifetime of career opportunities.

Freedom and Opportunity

Imagine the impact you could make in the lives of others.

Chances to Change

Your work could influence others and give them the chance to improve their lives, too.


Your service, expertise, education, and skills can be realized in a federal job.


Your talent and drive will spark positive transformation.


You’ll have a vast sense of security with better benefits, salary, and retirement.

Congratulations on your desire to contribute to public service!

Now, it’s time to leverage your talent, knowledge, skills, abilities, education, and perhaps military service.

Because preparing to land a federal job is paramount to your long-term career plans and into retirement.

There can be a lot of emotions.

  • Am I qualified?
  • Is the job a good fit?
  • Will I fit in?
  • Will I be able to move up in the organization?
  • Is it a good time to make the move?

Being confidently prepared for your big career opportunity is the key to landing the position.

Today’s federal positions are highly competitive!

The Federal Government is hiring people who can fully demonstrate their expertise, experience, accomplishments, and talent…quickly, thoroughly, and easily so they can hire high-quality candidates—faster!

Look no further!


Because you’ve found the right team of strategists who specialize in all levels of Federal Government resumes and applications—focused on one thing—YOUR SUCCESS!

It can happen for you!

Discover how your federal resume can be highly successful so you can land interviews that lead to lucrative job offers in Federal Government!

Impress the gatekeepers with your magnetic federal resume that demonstrates your qualifications, expertise, and why they should select you.

Your Single-Most Important Career Document

Our strategies and career documents are successful because we write them to be strategic, readable, visually compelling, and aligned with the job announcement so you can be selected to interview!


BOTTOM LINE: if your resume isn’t readable, it will get shuffled to the ‘no’ pile.

Writing and designing readable resumes are takes an experienced skillset. We write them to align with the job announcement in every way—which entices each one of the six gatekeepers to select you for the interview. They rave about our clients’ resumes and, in many cases, ask who developed the resume because they’ve never seen anything like it that made their job so easy.

Your resume will benefit from our gold standard on resume readability.

“…this is the most organized, readable, and complete application I’ve ever seen.” –U.S. Postmaster

We’ll use our proven strategies and best formats to provide your complete and accurate information to hiring teams so you can be selected to interview. This helps you get hired…so much faster! (Now, that’s saying something in government!)

Benefits of Federal Resume Expert Services

Your federal resume and career documents will “speak to” the Six Audiences™ who read and score your application so you can land interviews and job offers.

Your federal resume will capture their attention…and keep it! It will convey your value and how you can contribute to their organization…and keep them reading!

Your high-quality documents will help you land interviews and position you for the benefits and salary you deserve.

Smart Federal Job Seekers Partner with the Leading Federal Resume Team

Faster Career Progression

Take your career to the next level faster with our expertise and do it right the first time!

Expertise in Quality

Demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities with help from the leading federal resume experts and career strategists who are truly skilled and experienced in writing high quality, strategic, and successful federal resumes in all required formats and length restrictions.

Express Your Value

Successful federal resume writing is a skillful craft that only develops with years of writing experience, training, attention to detail, and working with thousands of successful federal job candidates to articulate their story and value in a way that captures the attention of the gatekeepers who read and score your federal resume.

Receive a High Score

You’ve reached the point in your career where you deserve to work with the most contemporary, highly qualified career strategists and technical writers and editors to ensure your federal resume is superior.

Land Interviews

Your federal resume will be infused with our proven strategies including our exclusive STCARI Method™ of writing to craft your story and ensure you feel qualified, confident, and prepared for these very important interviews!

WOW the Hiring Team!

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your federal resume. You’ll benefit from 25+ years of expertise in your branded career documents.

Do you want to target more than one job announcement?

For example, are you an accountant who is targeting both budget analyst and auditor positions?

No problem! We’ve got you!

Your new federal resume will be set up to easily to retarget a new job announcement without
having to do a whole new federal resume. You will love our Page 1 strategy and how we do this for you!

Don’t Struggle and Resist

Your application could flop and the results of your efforts could be upsetting if your cover letter, federal resume, and questionnaire answers aren’t infused with our proven strategies!

Can you afford to waste your precious time and money and skimp on quality…when in reality, it will cost you more in the long run? Really, you can’t. That cost is far too great for you and your family.

So, count on our expertise to strategize and write your federal resume and other career documents to be compelling and emphasize important, evidence-based accomplishments.

We’ll prioritize and even cut any less important content to maximize your impact and persuade the hiring team to hire YOU!

You’re Worth It!

Landing that interview for possibly your dream job that you’ve been visualizing is totally worth the investment!

You can depend on our expertise to guide you to landing your federal job or promotion.

We are ready to review your information and meet with you to develop your single-most important career document—your federal resume. We can also help you with cover letters, narratives, bio, and your LinkedIn profile.

Our expertise ensures your career story is captivating and infused with proven strategies so you can land your dream job. 


Partner with us for your career success!

Solutions for Every Step of Your Federal Job Search

Save Time and Money

We will help you determine if you will be rated as BEST QUALIFIED—saving you frustration, money, and tons of wasted time applying to positions where you will never make the interview list.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

We’ll craft your career story and present your expertise using contemporary, proven strategies that work for today’s job market.

Leverage Proven Strategies for USAJOBS and More

We will implement best practices for applying on USAJOBS and other federal job portals such as the FBI and CIA.

Position You for Success

You’ll be able to leverage your federal resume, USAJOBS resume, and other career documents to capture and keep the attention of the six gatekeepers throughout the hiring process.

So Much More Than a Resume Service

You can count on us to guide you through the maze of the federal hiring process.

We are the only team who provides all career marketing services and guides you through the Federal Government hiring process in its entirety—beginning with finding the right-fit jobs to negotiating your salary.

Our clients are successful because we lead them through the holistic approach rather than a one-and-done approach.

You’ll find that we are:

Committed, Caring, and Compassionate

Deadline Driven, Highly Efficient, and Technically Skilled

Advocates for Your Success

USAJOBS Experts & Strategists

In other words, your best chance of success is with us!

You’ll get:

Master Documents You Can Modify for Future Job Announcements

Proven Tools and Successful Formats

A Clear, Step-by-Step Process

Access to Education that Sets You Up for Success so You Can Further Your Career

Our clients are our biggest promoters because we always go the extra mile to ensure success. You’ll receive first-class service and unmatched customer service.

Achieve Your Career Goals…Faster!

Request a Quote

Upload your resume and job announcement (if applicable). After that, we’ll assess the scope of work and provide you with a free quote within 2 business days.

We Work with You

We’ll create a plan together to meet your deadlines and career goals. Whatever your next career-building steps are, we know how to make them happen.

Get Hired SO Much Faster

The federal hiring process is daunting and we have cleverly mastered how to navigate the red-tape maze to a highly proficient level that even the gatekeepers are impressed with so you can land faster!

Chief of Staff, Dept of Interior

“My investment with you landed me my Federal dream job making high 6-figures per year, plus benefits, pension, and perks—working from home!”

J. Weigand
“The money I spent having Camille professionally write my resume was one of the best investments I have ever made. The resume that Camille worked on with me helped make my skills and experience stand out so that I was invited to the interview. Once through that door, I had a chance to sell myself and what I was capable of doing for my new employer—and I got the job. I obtained a senior management position in local government at a much higher salary in one of our nation’s most beautiful beach resort communities.”

We understand what a federal job or promotion could mean to you.

That’s why for more than 25 years, we’ve helped federal job seekers and federal employees land lucrative jobs in Federal Government.

We’ve helped clients land federal jobs in all 15 branches comprising 400+ federal agencies of Federal Government.

Why do our clients continually recommend us?

Our resumes, cover letters, interview strategies, and career coaching consistently prove to be more advanced and more effective.

In addition, more than 25 years of highly advanced, strategic technical writing and editing expertise helps federal job seekers secure amazing positions.

With a consummate understanding of the methods required so you can stand out, we have trusted solutions for every step in your career.

Know you’re getting the highest value when you work with us.

The sad fact is that a lot of the advice out there for getting hired or promoted in Federal Government is not just wrong, but is actually harmful to your long-term success and could cost you years of time.

And, we know the pressure to get it right is huge!

That is why we work alongside you with proven systems, processes, and expertise every single step of the way. We consistently help qualified job candidates achieve career advancements…faster!

Get the Highest-Quality Personal Marketing Documents

Our clients are consistently praised on the craftsmanship, organization, and professionalism of their career documents. They often say our clients’ resumes, cover letters, and applications are “…the most readable, organized, and complete applications” they’ve ever seen.

Land Your Federal Interview

Your federal resume and career documents will “speak to” the Six Audiences™ who read and score your application which significantly improves your chance of landing a highly desirable interview for what might be your dream job!

Get Hired Faster

We’ll use our rave-worthy formats and proven strategies to make the hiring officials’ job easier. This can help you get hired…faster! (A huge advantage when trying to get hired or promoted in Federal Government!)

Gettie Audain, DHSc, MPH, RN
Senior Regulatory Health Project Manager
Camille managed to simultaneously show my skills, interest, passions, and accomplishments. That is a very special skill and unique career service. Camille and her team transformed my career and my life.
David W. Miner
Defense Contract Audit Agency
“I can’t say enough. All the other testimonials and recommendations on LinkedIn are true and the proof is in the pudding: One resume, one over the phone interview and a job offer 20 hours later. I have recommended her to everyone SERIOUS about a new position or a new career; public or private sector. With Camille’s help, my resume was highly effective, and the interview coaching and job proposal/thank you letter sealed the deal.

The return on investment in your future is almost infinite. Coming from the private sector, I had questions and doubts about the process and everything. Camille’s attitude and knowledge is insightful and refreshing. I had used two other services; I was very disappointed.

I’ve hired hundreds of vendors over the years. Camille simply ranks among the very best! I’m happy and excited to be in the DC area to start my new career and my wife and I are grateful to Camille for her help with this goal. THANK YOU!”

Who This Federal Resume Service Is For

Our Federal Resume Expert Services are for individuals seeking a federal job or promotion with the United States Federal Government.

Federal Government offers opportunities in nearly every profession. We’ve served clients and helped them land positions in nearly every type of job, including astronauts, doctors, nurses, cybersecurity, intelligence, logistics, contract specialists, program analysts, information security, dentists, podiatrists, supply management, food service worker, security guards, recreation specialists, budget analysts, auditors, security specialists, production controllers, museum curators, economists, tellers, and credit risk officers, to name a few.

The Federal Government hiring process can be somewhat frustrating, time consuming, and disappointing, but we don’t want that to be your experience.

We’ll lead you through the entire process beginning to end to save you valuable time on your path to success.

Address the Gatekeepers

Your federal resume, cover letter, and any other required documents will speak to the gatekeepers who read and score them. As a result, you will be memorable and make their job easier so you can land that highly desirable interview and job offer!

Show Your Value

Your personal marketing documents will be the highest quality that best represent you and the value you offer. To be clear, this is absolutely critical so you can land your well-deserved interview.

Be Successful

Additionally, our qualified team is skilled in writing successful, high-quality knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) and narratives in the questionnaires.

A Solid Investment for Your Career

You’ll find our federal resume expert services is a solid investment that returns value throughout your career. So, you won’t get left trying to figure things out on your own. We do this all day every day.

Our clients return to us when they are ready for a promotion and for top-notch marketing expertise because they know we strategically align their resume with the job announcement, meet their deadline, and help them with the critical next step—USAJOBS. Our insider tips are the secret weapon as to why the gatekeepers rave over our client’s applications.

Don’t struggle with your federal resume and USAJOBS application!

Your federal resume and USAJOBS application must articulate the value you offer!

You’ll benefit from our expertise which ensures your career story captivates and keeps the attention of the six gatekeepers because…

We ensure it is exactly what they need to select you to interview.

It’s a fact. Our clients get hired faster over their competition—even if they don’t know someone on the inside!

What is it Costing You to Stay Stuck Where You Are?

Get your free quote. Your career is worth it!

Without contemporary strategies, expert writing, and advanced marketing, you may be severely limiting your career opportunities. Don’t get left behind your competition.

We can get all your documents prepared before the position is announced so you will be less stressed and ready to apply!

Click the Request A Quote Button to get started today!

You’ll be glad you did!

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Thank you for your interest in working with us! We are excited to determine if you are a good fit to partner with the leading career experts to take your career to the next level!

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