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  • Are you a senior manager or executive ready to get hired or promoted in Federal Government?
  • Is your resume and LinkedIn profile conveying your unique value?
  • Are you “speaking” to all the gatekeepers to land your 6- or 7-figure dream job?
  • Are you landing 4 out of 5 interviews that will lead to LUCRATIVE job offers?

Let’s talk about how we can shave months or years off your job search!

Hi, I’m Camille Roberts. I help clients GET HIRED…FASTER!

I have been a federal resume writer and career coach for more than 25 years. I am known for my proven strategies (not theory from a book) that reduce the long job-search process in private sector and in Federal Government.

I’ve worked with Navy Seals, cybersecurity professionals, national security experts, astronaut candidates, and special agents who protect our Presidents, people, and country. I’m grateful for the trust they place in me when they refer their friends and family for the highest level of quality career services.

I am passionate about helping you because I struggled to get hired myself. Through hard work, I first learned how to get past the “No’s” and get a “YES” with top-notch resume-writing and interviewing strategies.


Need a PROMOTION or to make a CAREER CHANGE?

I’m Cris Andersen, Federal and Professional Resume Writer, Career Educator, and Director of Education at CC Career Solutions. You can count on my experience, personal commitment to excellence, and multi-faceted background in business as a Federal Career Consultant, USAJOBS Expert, LinkedIn Strategist, Résumé Writer, and Technology Trainer to produce amazing results to help you reach your career goals.

Effective resumes lead to interviews. INTERVIEWS lead to lucrative job offers. So it makes sense to write your federal resume to land the interview, right? Let’s work together to Magnetize Your Federal Résumé!

Collectively, our clients have made millions + benefits + perks every year. They love the
high-impact work they do and are the ‘glue’ that keep our nation safe, operational, and functioning.

We train and certify professional resume writers, coaches, and employment professionals, including military transition and employment readiness counselors, workforce development, career one-stops, outplacement, federal recruiters and counselors, and corporate human resource personnel. Most of all, we love to help clients feel 100% confident about every resume and application they submit for a Federal Government or corporate job.

Our strategies have helped thousands of clients land lucrative jobs in more than 400+ agencies.

You can count on our expertise, commitment to excellence, and multi-disciplined background in business as Federal Career Consultants, USAJOBS Strategists, LinkedIn Experts, and a resource to many federal agencies to produce amazing results for YOU!

400+ Federal Agencies

STRATEGIC resumes land interviews.

QUALITY interviews lead to lucrative job offers!

Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your family and doing what you love, rather than countless hours perusing job announcements and sifting through rejection emails?

Let us provide you with expert help and strategic support all along the path that leads to lucrative job offers… without the frustration and wasted time!