5 Things You Can Do to Prevent a Freaky Federal Resume Nightmare

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Is your federal resume creeping out the Six Audiences™ donning a scary costume or with skeletons in your closet?

Are the Six Audiences™ giving your federal resume the ‘boo hiss’ within the first 3-6 seconds?

Does your federal resume contain ghastly mistakes that are only appealing to the vampires, witches, and werewolves?

Don’t let your Federal Resume get ghosted!

Here are 5 things you can do right now to prevent a freaky federal résumé nightmare:

1. Develop a Page 1 strategy. Take a chainsaw and massacre the objective. Instead, write 3-5 brief sentences that summarize your professional experience as it relates to the job announcement. Then treat yourself with some yummy Halloween candy.

2. List the Job Title and Job Announcement centered above your summary to make it easy for the Six Audiences™ to know exactly what you are applying to—quickly—rather than make them walk through the haunted house full of phantom noises while sipping their spiced apple cider.

3. Provide your accomplishments that relate to the Key Qualifications on the job announcement. Note the word “Key” Qualifications. Align your key accomplishments, not a spooky list of 20 job duties that you were “responsible for.” Give them the caramel on those green apples!

4. Include your Immediate Value Offered…preferably in a text box on the right side of the page for those who skim the ‘headlines’ before reading so they can see your immediate value—almost immediately. Everyone loves a surprise Halloween treat.

5. Grab their attention and end page 1 with a Quote of Praise that relates to the Key Qualifications and duties listed on the job announcement. Don’t lead them down a dark, scary cemetery never to return again or even turn the page. The Quote of Praise is like having your best friend go first to make sure it’s safe…only a Quote of Praise will continue to treat the Six Audiences™ in the case of the résumé.

federal resume skeletons in your closet

Don’t freak out.

If your skeletons in the closet are somewhat frightening like a black cat, don’t freak out. First, we can help you pre-qualify for the job. Then, write the résumé to speak to the Six Audiences™ in a way that doesn’t send chills down their spine and make them turn into a zombie!

We’d love to help resurrect your résumé out of the coffin! We’ll make sure it doesn’t get buried, so you can land interviews that lead to lucrative job offers.

For a free, no trick consultation, write to us at: Support@ccCareerSolutions.com to schedule a time for us to review your résumé and talk strategy.

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