How to Get Hired in 100 Days – part 4

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Is it really possible to get hired in 100 days? I realize there are a lot of factors in play when it comes to getting hired. However, if you make it EASY to get hired, you’ll be successful faster.

For the past few weeks, I’ve provided guidance on Steps 1-7 to getting hired in 100 days. This week, we’ll finish out the top 10 with Steps 8, 9, and 10.

8. Get educated by the true, reputable federal and private sector job search experts who are on the front lines every single day leading job seekers through each step of the job search which results in getting hired—faster!

So, how do you define a true, reputable federal and private sector job search expert?

We believe it’s someone who leads from the front. Someone who has been there and not afraid to share their experiences so you can save tons money and the most valuable resource—time.

A true expert is someone with résumé-writing skills and expertise with thousands of successful clients to back up their expertise. It is one who takes the viewpoint not from one single narrow-minded audience, but one who views the job search from the vantage points of the Six Audiences™ who read and score your federal résumé so you can be most successful.

A true, reputable job search expert has sought out and has earned résumé writing certifications and renews and maintains their certifications to demonstrate expertise and cutting-edge strategies in the services provided to their most successful clients. It is someone who has gained the trust of other industry experts and their business is mostly referrals from these industry experts and from previously successful clients.

Really, who would you trust with your single most important career document. The document that determines what you do 40+ hours a week—that’s often more waking hours than you get to spend with your family all week!

You can find true, reputable, caring federal and private sector job search experts at CC Career Solutions.

We believe in your success so much that we offer complimentary training on the cornerstone of why our clients are successful.

You’re welcome to join in our free training on “Your Federal Resume: How to Get Hired in Federal Government.”

The next steps are SUPER easy and will help you tremendously on your journey to get hired!

9. Join our Career Lifeline Group on Facebook and participate to get the most value.

10. Follow our CC Career Solutions page on LinkedIn or Facebook for daily tips. Implement our tips and share them with others who could also discover and apply our expert guidance.

Are you ready to reverse engineer your career, job search, or résumé from day 100 so you can be where you want to be 100 days from now?

Then, let’s work together to get you to your day 100 and meeting every goal along the way.

The next 100 days are going to fly by. As proof, we’re already past 100 days into this new year—wild, right?

Please join us and discover solutions for every step of the job search so you can get hired…faster!

It has been so fun leading you through these steps to get hired in 100 days. I know you can do this when you make it a goal and work toward it with small, achievable steps each day.

If you believe you can, you’re halfway there.


And with our help, you can surely achieve the other half!

Please comment below and tell me where you want to be in 100 days. As you finish each step, come back and let me know your progress by leaving additional comments! Being accountable is the best way to get stuff done! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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