Is your Federal Resume Goal Misguided?

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I.AM.IN.SHOCK! I was reading on Reddit last week and noticed someone had written that since January he had submitted 282 Federal resume applications…AND his goal was to hit 500 by August.


The thought crossed my mind: “Ain’t nobody got time for that?”

But apparently…someone does!

However, that is a misguided goal…and mindset.


Because reaching 500 applications isn’t necessarily going to guarantee an interview—let alone a job!

We had a client who submitted 1,800 applications over 3 years before she found our government resume services, used our proprietary Qual-Fit Tool™ to pre-qualify herself, then executed our strategies to land 4 interviews in less than 45 days!

Another client submitted 1,200 applications before she found us to help her figure out what skills to put on her resume and how to write her resume. She implemented our resume-writing strategies and landed an interview in 63 days!

And, what about all that wasted time? On average, a federal job seeker spends about 20 hours searching for job announcements, reviewing, preparing their resume and application, applying, and following up—and that’s the average per application! Have you calculated how much time you have spent?

For example: take the average of 20 hours x 100 applications = 200 hours! What is your time worth? Are you interested in shortening your job search time so you can spend more time doing what you love?

Quantity, in a job search, NEVER outperforms quality!

Additionally, don’t you want to be doing something besides sitting at the computer applying to hundreds of job announcements every week?

In Step 2 of our Get HIRED Formula™, we cover how to IMPROVE your aim and authenticity.

You’ve heard the phrase dressed to impress right? This is your opportunity to dress your résumé to impress potential employers. Remember, only about the top 1% of applicants are invited to interview.

So, this is where we get in to developing your federal résumé so it presents you as the irresistible candidate that must be interviewed!

And that’s where you have to do it first…you can do it with us…or you can do it on your own…or you can listen to super old and bad advice from one perspective.

I suggest you start dressing your résumé to impress and starting with Page 1. This is where you articulate the exact words to speak to all Six Audiences™ to convey what you do that is unique from all the other candidates.


How do you find the right words to demonstrate your value in your Federal Resume?

That’s where we start. And it’s amazing! This is where you discover like bees to honey exactly how to improve your aim and authentically present yourself for every position.

It might sound complicated, but I promise it’s not. It’s like a magic formula that we’ve figured out that helps you get a handle on what to include…which is one of the biggest pains for the talented federal or corporate job seeker, right?

Figuring out what to include in your Federal resume…so you can stand out from the competition and start landing your well-deserved interviews that lead to lucrative job offers!

So these particular strategies will blow the socks off the Six Audiences™ right away. And that’s a good thing! Right?

We start with the end in mind…and that’s why we start with the Six Audiences™ first…so you know exactly whose socks need blown off. Isn’t this the coolest concept?

And, it’s soooo simple, but you’ve got to get that part nailed. That just makes sense, right?

MAGNETIC TIP: Start your resume writing project with the end in mind. Make sure it has all the details to speak to all Six Audiences™.

Most people jump in and say, okay, here’s my résumé all about me. Pick me, pick me! Have any of you done that?

That’s just setting yourself up for failure. Because, where’s the aim? Right? It’s all on you!

Are you the job seeker who puts 10 arrows in the bow, draws back too quickly thinking you’ll surely hit the target with at least ONE of them, and lets go, only to find them all fallen at your feet?

…much like the guy who plans to apply to 500 applications without any aim or strategy other than applying 500 times.


Wouldn’t you rather be the MASTER job seeker, who puts ONE arrow in one bow, aims at the target with PRECISION, pulls back with the correct tension and strength, and hits the BULLSEYE dead center…every time?

Additionally, wouldn’t you rather receive the status of “Referred to Hiring Official” and then get the call to schedule the interview?

Structure the value you offer in your Federal Resume…

You start by structuring the value you offer to the employer. And then they know they have a winner. Bullseye!

So that’s what you want to do and that’s what we’ll do first TO Magnetize YOUR Federal Résumé.

Sound good?

Would you like your resume to be strategic, aimed at the right job announcement, and landing interviews that lead to lucrative job offers?

Our program includes free resume templates and a vault of resume examples. We cover the best resume format to use, how to write your accomplishments, if you should use soft skills on your resume, if you should have a link to your LinkedIn profile if you are a federal job seeker, words to describe yourself, a module on creating the perfect elevator pitch, networking, writing the perfect resume, and so much more!


If you’re interested in working with federal resume experts, USAJOBS advisors, and the best resume service, apply to see if we are a good fit to work together here:

We look forward to reviewing your application!


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