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It’s Here: Update Your Résumé Month! (Better than a Dental Visit)

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It’s time to update your single most important career document: your résumé! How exciting! You can officially block off time to give your résumé some love and use International Update Your Résumé Month, founded by Career Director’s International, as the excuse. It’s so much more fun than going to the dentist, or is it? 😉

No disrespect to dentists. I LOVE my dentist…it’s just not my favorite place to visit.


I know some of you liken updating your resume to going to the dentist for a number of reasons:

Making the appointment. Planning the best time to plan for a headache.

The picking and scraping. Scraping your emails and documents then choosing the best keywords to describe what you’ve done.

Flossing. Cleaning out the gaps.

Rinsing and suction. You’re on the home stretch now. Just waiting for the Dentist to do a final check. Tick. Tock. What is taking so long?

More picking and scraping—only harder. CRUNCH! The pick is stuck. Yip. It’s a cavity! No worries! He can fix it while you are in the chair. Much like reading your resume for the 100th time and it’s all a blur by now.

That drilling noise. Kind of like drilling down for hours on end to uncover the accomplishments that will capture the attention of the gatekeepers.

Wait… could it be? Silence. Tap, tap, tap. Then he asks you to bite down to ensure the filling doesn’t have any sharp edges. He’s done!

All clear! You can sit up now and get the blood flowing back down into your body!

update your resume dentist

What a relief. You can put that behind you for 6 more months…or a year!

Sound familiar?

Seriously, September is a great time to update your résumé.

For those of you who are federal employees, this month coincides with fiscal year end and perhaps your performance appraisal so it’s a great time to get your new accomplishments, awards, training, or certifications on your resume. Perhaps even change up the format to take advantage of new enhancements or trends.

Summer is over. The kids are back in school or off to college. The house might be a bit quieter. Your favorite shows aren’t quite back on the air yet.

It’s a great feeling to check it off the list and get it done ahead of all the holidays—and did you know that during the holidays is one of the best times to apply for a job?

And, for those of you who really do liken updating your resume to going to the dentist—WE GOT YOU!

In fact, we have a free gift with purchase of resume services during the month of September. If you are a former client, we have TWO free gifts with purchase of a resume update!

We’ll take all the pain of updating your resume away! And, it will be the best top-of the line career document that conveys your value!

Just click here, complete the form, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.


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We hope you can join us… until then, be magnetic!


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