Job Search Myth: Don’t be Spooked!

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This is just one job search myth of hundreds wandering around these day, haunting innocent job seekers… And it seems that everywhere you look, someone seemingly knowledgeable is offering what appears to be sound advice. How do you know who to trust or what to believe?

With more than 30 years of industry knowledge, I wanted to spend some time debunking some common job search myths that may be enchanting you…

On this spooky All Hallows’ Eve, we’re going to start with the myth about a lack of jobs in your geographic location.

I just recently heard this from someone…

“There aren’t any federal jobs near me!”

First: Jobs in Federal Government and the private sector are everywhere!

At the time of writing this article, there are more than 2 MILLION jobs listed on Indeed. And more than 10,000 jobs listed on In fact, the Washington Post recently reported that there were 10 million job openings! It goes on to say that “Nationwide, most industries have more job openings than people with prior experience in that sector, Labor Department data show.”

So this myth about there not being any jobs near you—physically—is highly unlikely.

Second: More than likely you can work remotely…from home, or most likely from anywhere!

COVID-19 changed a lot in our lives, and working from home was one benefit—for most people. Remote work, work from home/anywhere, and hybrid work environment options are more available now than they have ever been before. And I believe they’re here to stay. currently has more than 1,000 remote jobs listed on their site alone. All you need to do to find these is type the word “remote” in the search field at the top of the homepage, and voila! You can further narrow these options to find jobs that may be applicable for you.

This is true in the private sector, too. In fact, according to FlexJobs, “many companies are now figuring out that permanent remote work is the future of work—pandemic or not…” and they’ve recently listed 30 major companies that are switching to long-term remote work! Some just a couple days a week, others 100% remote!

And earlier this year, Forbes outlined the top 100 companies for remote jobs in 2021

This Job Search Myth is just a ghostly apparition!

It seems that with all these remote (and non-remote) jobs, this haunting job search myth has been debunked!

We’ll be uncovering more myths, but what other myths do you believe could be stopping you from finding your dream job? What other myths could we debunk for you?


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