Job Search Woes: Sound familiar? I never hear back on jobs I apply to…

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I hear it on my initial calls with new Federal job search prospects all too often.

And early on when I started this business, 25+ years ago, it seemed about every other person made the comment, “I never hear back on any jobs I apply to.”

I heard it so much that I started researching…and researching…and researching…then collecting information.

Every time a new job search client would sign on, I asked these questions—and I would ask YOU the same: …

  • How many resumes/applications have you submitted?
  • Did you pre-qualify yourself?
  • Did you create a federal resume AND a USAJOBS resume?
  • And did you build the resume into the online builder?
  • Did you follow the instructions explicitly?
  • How much time have you spent applying to federal jobs… or private sector jobs?

Clearly, my ‘resume’ clients come to me because their resume isn’t working for their job search—they aren’t landing interviews…

…and some of them say they never hear back…ever.

You did all that work and spent all that time…

Then crickets.

You wonder if it’s you.

Then you rationalize that it must be the format because you read that keywords should be in all caps, or only build your resume into the online builder, or…or… or… And, you thought that would definitely land an interview.

Is that the only strategy you are using to stand out?

I know you want to be heard and you feel like screaming: “Pick me, pick me!”

But think about it…

Before you can be heard, you must earn it.

Job Search Checklist 800x400

Your resume will only be successful if it “checks off the boxes” for each of the Six Audiences™ who will be reviewing and scoring it.

If it doesn’t meet the qualifications for the first gatekeeper, USAJOBS (for federal job seekers), the audience most people fail to address first, then…

…you will most likely NEVER hear back… because your resume didn’t really make it to a human…in a way.

Makes sense, right?

And, it will make dollars, too if you address your resume and all your career marketing with the audiences in mind.

MAGNETIC TIP: If you are in a job search and applying to a private sector position, the first audience could be the company or organization’s applicant tracking system (ATS), if they have one. Or, it could be LinkedIn, Indeed, the company website, or a host of other entry points, but what matters is… for the most effective resume, write it to speak EACH audience.

Interested to know more about the audiences? Click here.

Would you like to bypass years and years of researching and figuring it out on your own and trying to figure out why you never hear back?

Send me your resume and one job announcement that you applied to and I’ll review it to see which audiences it might not be speaking to and we’ll schedule a time to discuss.

You can also take a ONE-minute quiz and get a full report on what is killing your federal resume and keeping you from interviewing.

I would love to help you land a job, or promotion, so much faster with all the strategies that work…and position you to achieve the highest salary possible.

Sound good?

I hope so because those who partner with us get further…faster!

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