Did you pre-qualify yourself for the right-fit Federal job?

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You know when you open your USAJOBS account to check the status of your application and you get that butterfly-in-your-stomach-kind-of-excited?

You purposely haven’t checked it in a few days because you are a bit fearful of what the status will say?

Then, you say to yourself, it’s been four weeks, I should have some kind of status by now saying my résumé was referred.

Your heart is speeding up a bit because this interview could change your life.

You’ve been planning for this position for your entire career.

You’d shave an hour commute off your day each way.

This job would be the final stepping-stone into your dream job.

You’d get at least $20-25,000 more per year when you land the job.

Your family would have some of the best benefits you’ve ever had.

You’d be able to pay off your credit cards faster.

You might even be able to afford that new home.

All the things are playing in your head in a split second as you log in to your USAJOBS account.


There it is!


Quickly skimming…as you say to yourself, “did I get referred this time?”

There it is. The Status.

Qualified, but not referred.

“WHAT?!? …I spent 30 hours creating that résumé, cover letter, proofreading, uploading it, building it into the builder, uploading my transcripts and forms, answering the questionnaire and the surprise narratives, then applying only to have the USAJOBS system circling then getting kicked out…. And having to start the application all over!!…”


Thug. Your heart sinks.

The rejection card again.


You feel like a failure.

You ask yourself:

What did I do wrong on my federal resume?

“What did I do wrong?” “Did I miss something?” “This is an interview I should have landed without question!” “They must have me mixed up with someone else.” “I had a friend put in a good word for me.”

ALL the things run through your head.

But it’s staring right back at you: Qualified, not referred.

Or maybe you got the rating: “Ineligible.” Yet, you KNOW you are qualified!

You’re ready to just give up. You’ve done everything YOU know how.

Wait. Have you?

You’ve done everything you know how, but what if there was someone that really did know how to get you past all the gatekeepers?

MAGNETIC TIP: There are actually Six Audiences™ your Federal Résumé must address…and knowing who they are and what they are looking for will increase your odds of getting through to an interview!

What if there was someone who could see your strengths in a different way that would speak to all Six Audiences™ who are reading and scoring your résumé?

And, what IF there was someone who could read between the lines and find all the golden nuggets of what you bring to the job?

What IF there was someone who had all the tools to help you pre-qualify yourself so that you didn’t have to go through misery this again…and again…and again?

What IF I told you that there IS someone who could help you with all of these things?

You’ve landed in the right place!

Did you pre-qualify for the federal job you applied to?

I’ve created a tool that follows the exact process, strategy, and scoring system that I developed many years ago to pre-qualify clients for each job announcement to determine if I could write an evidence-based, finish-line focused federal résumé that would result in landing the interview…BEFORE I would even quote a fee. I wanted to ensure everything I could to make sure they would land an interview.

This Qual-Fit Tool™ will help you determine if you should invest time and/or money preparing a cover letter and résumé to apply to the job announcement.

It will save you so much frustration and ensure you don’t waste one minute of time applying to jobs for which you will not be considered “Best Qualified” or in the top 1%.

The Qual-Fit Tool™ will help you pre-qualify yourself for the right-fit job that suits your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The strategy for the Qual-Fit Tool™ began many years ago as a result of a client telling me he found his dream job and that he was well qualified for the position. He had been applying to the same type of information technology job announcement for more than 14 months without ever making it past the first audience/gatekeeper—the USAJOBS applicant tracking system.

I soon discovered the résumé he was submitting did not have any quantifiable accomplishments and did not indicate that he met the educational requirements. Also, his résumé did not address questions from the Questionnaire that would help him score “highly qualified” or “best qualified” in order to be referred.

As a result, he wasted more than a year in time and tons of effort applying to positions like this because he was not BEST qualified.

You know better now! You don’t have to struggle like this!


Your federal résumé and USAJOBS application can be unstoppable!

This Qual-Fit Tool™ is also useful in many other ways. The results of your Qual-Fit Tool™ exercise will help you determine your top qualifications for an effective presentation of your experience, skills, and accomplishments throughout your résumé and career marketing materials…and even the interview.

It’s THAT powerful.

When you pre-qualify yourself, your application will be unstoppable and sail past the Six Audiences™ who will review and score your résumé.

While the Qual-Fit Tool™ is only for my private clients and members of our Magnetize Your Federal Résumé Program, I still wanted to share a few tips with you:

  • Job announcements on USAJOBS have seven major sections: Overview, Locations, Duties, Job Requirements, Required Documents, Benefits, and How to Apply. Make sure you read and dissect each one carefully!
  • Read the mission statement of the agency thoroughly. This information may not be included in the job announcement but is readily available on agency websites. Ask yourself: Is the agency mission on your job announcement something you want to be a part of?
  • At the bottom of the job announcement, you will find Agency Contact Information. Not every position will have a person’s name listed. It can be frustrating not to have a contact name… But with the right strategies, your résumé can still speak to all Six Audiences™!

Good luck with your federal resume applications!

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We would love to help you pre-qualify yourself and land interviews that lead to lucrative job offers!

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