Resume Prep: No Job Announcement? Don’t wait!

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It’s Tuesday afternoon and your job search and your outdated resume have been in the back of your mind… and you happen upon an interesting job announcement… it’s perfect for you… and it’s due on Friday. Not NEXT Friday. This Friday.

Like, in three and a half days.

Are you ready??

I have prospective clients ask me ALL. The. Time… “Shouldn’t I wait for the right job announcement before writing my resume?”

And, I mean, I understand where they are coming from… Because creating a resume without a job announcement might feel like putting the cart before the proverbial horse…

But let me ask you… how would it feel if you ONLY had to do 10% of your résumé when you see the right-fit job announcement?

That’s right—10%… not 100%, not having to stay up all night for the next 3 nights so you can meet the deadline…gathering all the details, figuring out which accomplishments to use, asking your references to be your allies, juggling kids, working, running to the store, making dinner, then collapsing in bed…only to start all over the next day because you didn’t realize how much work it is to condense and showcase your entire career into a few pages…and quickly because your dream job announcement just posted.

Let me ask you again…

How would you FEEL if you only had to do 10% of your resume when you see the perfect job announcement?

Pretty darn good, right?

Now, I’m not saying you only have to do 10% of the resume, or 10% of the work.

The strategy is… you get 90% of the work done BEFORE the job announcement posts. You are preparing for that job announcement to post and you’re excited because it’s all but done.

Interesting concept?

Well, this is exactly what we tell our clients and what we would advise for you as well…

We recommend that you get 90% of your résumé written, proofread, edited, proofread again, and ‘ready to apply’ so that when the job announcement posts, you’ll only have to finish up that 10% of the resume.

Do you already feel like a weight has been lifted knowing that it’s possible to get your resume to the 90% mark?

I can assure you, your stress level will immediately go down.

You will be able to think more clearly and put your focus on the most important part of the resume—the marketing.

Have you ever tried to make baked chicken without chicken, or chocolate cake without chocolate, or mashed potatoes without potatoes? You get the idea.

A resume isn’t effective unless you have the marketing nearly perfect.

The marketing is the part that validates your expertise.

The marketing is what aligns your knowledge, qualifications, and skills with the job announcement that goes beyond just inserting keywords into your resume.

Marketing is the part that conveys your brand and what you can do for the employer.

Without it, it’s just words.

The RIGHT marketing turns your words…into POWER!

Words have power Federal Resume

Words are POWER when written in a strategic method.

Furthermore, when your marketing is done right, your resume will speak to the Six Audiences™ who read and score your federal resume.

And when you speak to each of the Six Audiences™, you’ll land more interviews that lead to lucrative job offers!

Do you want to learn more about our Six Audiences™ strategy and prepare yourself for getting your resume to that 90% completion point?

If so, complete this form and let’s chat soon.

We’re eager to help you land those interviews and job offers!

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