Top 10 Worst Federal Resume Advice: Bad Advice #10 Revealed!

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Get ready for an eye-opening series from me where I’m uncovering the Top 10 Worst Federal Resume Advice I have ever heard and seen contrasted by proven and better advice along with my expert strategies to propel your federal career forward…fast!

I talk about this every day with prospects and clients and now I’m sharing it in this series.

Let’s go!

Bad Advice #10:


“Create your resume on USAJOBS and just input your information. There’s no need for multiple resumes. If they can’t figure out what you can do, then you don’t want to work for them.”


Will creating your resume solely on USAJOBS be the ultimate shortcut to success?

Should you leave your federal job or promotion up to someone else who might misinterpret what you can do for them?

…and in this video, I’ll tell you why this approach could have you spinning in circles faster than a fidget spinner on caffeine. 😉

Do you want to unlock the secrets to crafting a federal resume that’ll have hiring managers begging to interview you?

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