Unveiling Bad Advice #9 of Top 10 Worst Federal Resume Advice!

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I’m back to unveil bad advice #9 on the Top 10 Worst Federal Resume Advice list!

Bad Advice #9:

“Don’t provide your supervisors or your reference information until you have been offered the interview.”

So…you may have not been on the best of terms with all of your supervisors. Believe it or not, it happens…and it’s ok!

Do you think holding off on providing supervisor info until the interview is a genius move for your federal resume?

In this video, we’ll unravel why leaving your supervisors out of the equation could land your resume in the digital equivalent of a filing cabinet abyss aka the black hole.

Get ready to give your supervisors the spotlight they deserve (most of the time) and watch your federal job opportunities soar higher than a bald eagle on a rocket-powered jetpack!

Check out this BETTER advice!

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