Why should I hire you?

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“Why should I hire you?” …

This question can instantly inflict pain and anxiety to even the most experienced candidates.

So, what IS the best answer to this painful question?

“Why would you ‘not’ hire me?”

Reverse engineer that question and make your answer all about THEM—the person who asked it!

Here’s how to decrease some anxiety.

In your head, ask yourself, “Why would you ‘not’ hire me?”

Your verbal response could include something like this:

“I’m honored that you would invest your time interviewing me. I have also invested my time in being here because I support the mission of this agency/organization/company and it aligns well with my personal values and long-term goals. You can count on me to exceed your expectations. Let me give you an example…”

Now here comes the awesome sauce.

One of our favorite resume secrets…

This is an advanced, forward-thinking method of telling your story and is especially helpful for job seekers who struggle and end up with “plain-Jane” stories. It’s also a great way to avoid getting “tongue tied” during the interview.

It’s called The STCARI Method™ and it includes the CAR and CCAR methods, but The STCARI Method™ offers so much more value. Value that will really tell your story and showcase how you are an asset.

You want to tell them about a Situation, Task, Challenge, Action, Result, and the Impact it had.

So, your example is not just a result—it includes the back story, the pre-cursor to the challenge and tells the whole story—not just the middle part which often is out of context and leaves people wondering what happened!

For your resume and cover letter…

Remember to incorporate key words from the employer’s job announcement, or where possible, from the information they may have shared during the interview.

You could also say:

“I have strategically planned my career for this very moment. I adapt well to change and will fit in very well with the culture and needs of the agency/organization/company. In addition, I think differently and look for opportunities to make a significant impact.”

Job seekers are told to ‘sell themselves.’

I strongly believe you can do better. The STCARI Method™ concept is what has helped thousands of my clients be most successful without selling themselves.

YOU are conducting an interview, too!

Also, you are there just as much to interview the employer as they are to interview you. You aren’t there to ‘sell’ you. You are there to identify and acknowledge gaps, solve the employer’s most pressing problems, inspire hope, improve the situation, and show how you will be an asset to them. It is a collaborative effort to see if the fit is mutually beneficial.

So, make the interview about them…and take all the pressure off you! Hopefully, this will inspire confidence and reduce all that anxiety. The interview is a two-way street.

Positively and confidently discuss the results, outcomes, and the impact they can expect when they hire you, not if they hire you.

“When you hire me, you can expect _______________.”


The answer to this blank should be stated in about 1-2 minutes. Stay focused on the “why.”

Be honest, genuine, and validate these answers with substantive evidence of the STCARI™-based accomplishments in your résumé. This, along with articulating your unique value proposition, or personal brand, will support and demonstrate your expertise far above anyone else and will help you stand out above your competition!

Recently, I had a client who interviewed for a position and someone on the panel recognized the STCARI Method™ in his answer. (We have been teaching this to our private clients for 20+ years. It works!)

Enjoy receiving those lucrative job offers!

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