How to Get Hired in 100 Days – part 2

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How did it go last week—are you well on your way to get hired in 100 days? Did you get your job search alerts set up? Are you getting job announcements coming into your Inbox now from agencies, companies, or organizations where you would like to work?

I hope so! If not, I highly recommend you do that before proceeding with this next step.

For this week, let’s work on your single most important career document—your résumé!

Continuing with the Day 100 Career Plan from last week’s blog post, Step 4:

4. Write your single most important career document—your resume.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, preparing your resume, and keeping it updated, even when you don’t have an active job posting is incredibly wise. This will save you TONS of time, stress, and frustration when you find the perfect job announcement!

And, I recommend that you prepare your resume to the 90% point. This means write everything you can without the job announcement, proofread, edit, and proofread again. Then get ‘ready to apply’ so that when that dream job announcement posts, you’ll only have to finish up that last 10% of the resume.

Imagine…all you have to do to the resume is that last 10%—typically, the marketing that goes on page 1. Wouldn’t that feel great?

When you are prepared, you’ll make better decisions, be less stressed, and have a higher quality product so you can then focus it on meeting all of the required qualifications and specialized experience of the job announcement.

And when you take this kind of action, you will be able to meet the application deadline with a strong, impactful resume! …A resume that will impress all Six Audiences™ who will read and score your résumé…so you can move to the next phase—the interview!


Is your resume strong enough to help you get hired?

After you write your resume, if you’d love a set of eagle eyes with expertise, exceptional proofreading skills, and proven strategies to review it, you can send it to us for a strategic review and 1-on-1 strategy session.

Here’s how it works:

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2. We will email you all the details and the link to pay once you submit your résumé to us. You will receive a full, comprehensive review that includes our top strategies on how your federal résumé can become magnetic…so it can bring you many opportunities for interviews and lucrative job offers.

We can’t wait to help you magnetize YOUR résumé so you can get hired! And remember, if you get stuck, leave us a comment below and we’ll be glad to help you!


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