Résumé Fail: The Unfilled Bingo Card

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Many of my clients admit prior to contacting us that they have submitted the same résumé to many job announcements—even hundreds—without success.

Their results? The equivalent of an unfilled Bingo card.

In other words: nothing. No winner.

When you, as a federal job seeker, submit your résumé blindly to multiple job announcements only to have it land in the black hole, garbage pile, File 13, or whatever you want to call it, that lack of success really destroys your confidence.

And if you don’t score in the Top 1-2% achieve a ‘best qualified’, or a ‘highest’ rating, it is very likely you will NEVER be given the opportunity to interview, to make that amazing first impression, to demonstrate your exceptional value to the employer….let alone land the job.

Yeah, that unfilled Bingo card!

You might take that rejection personally. Or, you might wonder what you could do differently or if you will EVER get unstuck?! You may wonder if you will ever be chosen or if it is just YOU?

Trust me….It isn’t YOU!

When it comes to a federal resume…

You might just be using one of the many flawed approaches when it comes to preparing, writing, and submitting a federal résumé! 

Now I don’t suggest you put all your eggs in one basket and only apply to one job announcement. No, that is not what I would advise.

You want these strategies that will not only get you TO the finish line, but also THROUGH the FINISH LINE!


One of the key mistakes federal job seekers make…

… that prevent them from landing their federal job or promotion is having ineffective lingo on their résumé, or what I call:

Lingo Bingo.

And, to avoid Lingo Bingo, you need a strategy called Finish Line Focus 1:6 and you implement this strategy by keeping your résumé FOCUSED on one job announcement at a time and write it to speak to each of the Six Audiences™.

You want to treat each announcement individually, prioritizing those which closely fit your expertise, your desired location, desired salary, and any other factors that make sense for you.

When you apply the “Finish Line Focus 1:6” strategy to your job search, you will escape the mistake of playing BINGO with your résumé LINGO.


MAGNETIC TIP: What you want to understand is…your résumé is being scored. Key terms (or what we call “key words and key word phrases”) within your résumé can help boost your score. ATS software is used by some agencies and sorts and categorizes the applicants according to a computerized algorithm.

So, if you don’t know the keywords and how to use them in keyword phrases, your résumé will end up…

…in that black hole.

That’s why when it comes to crafting your Federal Résumé … you don’t want to play BINGO with your LINGO! This is a serious mistake that could cost you the opportunity to interview and annihilate your chances of landing the job!

If you’d like to learn more about how to do this step-by-step, reach out to us to schedule some time to chat: https://cccareersolutions.com/career-strategy/

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