New Job, New Year, New Opportunities, or Fresh Start in March?

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And here we are—at the beginning of 2022 with a whole new year of opportunities ahead! Isn’t it exciting? People around the world commit with enthusiasm to all types of personal and professional goals such as exercising more often, losing weight, saving money, being a better partner, finding a new job, maybe a new career, making more money, and list goes on.

I’ve been an entrepreneur in the careers industry going on three decades and so far, this year is no different—people are rethinking what they do for a living and making a commitment to improving their lives and their career by taking new courses, finding a new job, or even changing careers.

What is it about January that motivates so many of us?

I believe setting goals in January makes us feel like we can start a whole new clean slate—for the whole year! And personally, I think that’s what motivates me the most. But if you’re a little like me, come March, some of those goals get reprioritized…not by choice, but just because life happens, and perhaps we lose that “fresh start” feeling.

It seems like we need to figure out how to be as motivated in March, July, and October as much as we are on January 1. How can we achieve that?

Accountability is the key to continuous improvement.

So, I’ve been reflecting on my clients this past year and those who landed interviews and jobs (so far) and noticed a common thread (and not from just clients this past year, but many of our clients)…and that is: accountability.

They are highly motivated. They are driven. Some just want a less stressful job. Some are rainmakers. Others want to make more money, have better benefits, and a different lifestyle. Some want to work closer to home. Some want to relocate. For some, it’s not all about the money. Some want to make a significant impact on the world—and already have.

I’ve been thinking what it was like to work with each of them…and about the comments I often read in emails, texts, or tell me after we have finished their project – and here is a recent one I received a couple of days after the project was finished:

“Dear Camille,


I guess I am suffering from withdrawals since the last 2 weeks we have communicated almost on a daily basis! I loved how you asked all the right questions and how you were able to draw out the information that needed to be said to show my qualifications.”

That’s exactly how I feel after working so closely with our clients. It is kind of like a feeling of withdrawal.


Teamwork, rhythm, and trust.

So, I been pondering why we feel that ‘withdrawal’ feeling. I don’t think it’s just because we have communicated daily for 2 weeks, and in some cases, much longer depending on the project, but perhaps because we have become familiar with each other are established teamwork, rhythm, and trust.

And for those who are members of programs and in our community, we do this through our group calls and nearly 24/7 access to us. We do have an effective rhythm and it allows us to work effectively together.

In fact, our mission statement is…

“Enriching people’s lives with first-class service, community, proven strategies, and successful career solutions.”

But honestly, our clients enrich our lives just as much. It’s so fun and educational to learn about our clients so we can do what we do best—coaching, strategizing, clearing the obstacles, asking questions, and writing effective career marketing that lands interviews and jobs faster!

In fact, that’s how I met my first husband many years ago. I was intrigued by his vast knowledge. He had two Master’s degrees—one in Mathematics and one in Nuclear Science. He was a nuclear engineer with amazing gifts and talents. I used to ask him a million questions about everything! He told me many times that I would make an excellent scientist or attorney because I asked a ton of questions. LOL. He has since passed away and I definitely miss asking him all the questions.

Applying and landing a federal job or promotion requires patience, dedication, and commitment to yourself and family—and if you want it to happen strategically and faster, we’d love for you to partner with us—and I’ll ask you the questions that need to be asked. 😉

We outline each step and lead our clients through the journey—and honestly, it’s magical how it all comes together. And even more magical when the offers start coming in. We look back at the process and situation then realize that every single time, things have happened the way they should.

Persistence = New job!

Recently, one of our clients landed an offer with an agency she applied with, but she wasn’t chosen for that first job. She was discouraged, but she kept showing up to our monthly calls. She kept trying. Then one day, she noticed the job was posted again. She dismissed it and wasn’t going to apply, but we encouraged her to apply again.

She landed the interview and after the interview she wasn’t sure if she was going to be offered the job.

But…she WAS offered the job and is thrilled to be negotiating her salary as of this writing!

Things do happen for a reason, but if you don’t try with dedication to cross the finish line, you’ll never know!

Have you tried to land a federal job or promotion, but need a fresh start—perhaps proven strategies that work faster?

We love to lead people through this incredible journey that is so worth it. And we would love for you to be our next success story!

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